Cloth Samples for Slave Clothing
Original Author: William P. Eliason
Created: June 21, 1848
Medium: Woolen samples and letter

Cloth Samples for Slave Clothing

In this letter, dated June 21, 1848, William P. Eliason, a manufacturer from Madison Mills, in Madison County, writes to John Hartwell Cocke of Bremo Plantation, in Fluvanna County. Eliason states he will be in near Bremo in about nine or ten days, and hopes that he might call on Cocke. Eliason, who was selling cloth to plantation owners, enclosed several coarse swatches of wool. According to a handwritten notation on the envelope, the wool was intended for slave clothing.

Citation: John Hartwell Cocke Papers, 1725–1931. Accession #640. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

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