Ho! Ho! Here We Go
Original Author: James Solomon Russell
Created: 1895
Medium: Broadside

Ho! Ho! Here We Go

An 1895 broadside advertises a daylong excursion by train from La Crosse in Mecklenburg County to Norfolk, "the city by the sea." The trip was organized by James Solomon Russell, the principal of Saint Paul Normal and Industrial School (later Saint Paul's College). The poster notes, "This train is run in the interest of the St. Paul Normal and Industrial School … Help the good cause by going with us." The African American school, founded by Russell in 1888, was located in Lawrenceville, the train's second scheduled stop. The advertisement promises that the "refreshment car will be loaded with many dainties," but it also warns that "No Spirituous Liquors are to be sold or drank on this train," and "Good order will be strictly enforced."