The Anti-Slavery Record.
Original Author: The American Anti-Slavery Society
Created: July 1835
Medium: Engraved pamphlet cover

The Anti-Slavery Record.

The cover of the July 1835 edition of The Anti-Slavery Record depicts two scenes: one in which slaves are being whipped, the other in which slaves are being taught to read. The caption beneath the dual image reads, "Which of these systems of education shall we hand down to posterity?" John Hartwell Cocke, a plantation owner in Fluvanna County, was a proponent of educating slaves. This copy of the monthly publication of the American Anti-Slavery Society belonged to Cocke, whose signature is on the upper left side of the cover.

Citation: John Hartwell Cocke Papers, 1725–1931, Accession #640. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.