Constituent Convention of Virginia
Original Author: Jasper Green, artist
Created: July 6, 1861
Medium: Engraving

Constituent Convention of Virginia, Assembled in the Custom-House at Wheeling, Ohio Co., June, 1861.

An engraving published in the July 6, 1861, edition of Harper's Weekly depicts men and women crowded into the Custom House and listening to a speech at the Second Wheeling Convention in June 1861. A banner above the scene reads, "The Union Must, and Shall Be Preserved."

When the Civil War divided the Virginia state government, the convention met in Wheeling, in what is now West Virginia, to reorganize and fill the offices vacated by Confederates. On June 20, 1861, Francis H. Pierpont was elected governor of the Restored state government. The Restored capital was located in Wheeling until June 1863 and thereafter in Alexandria; the Confederate capital was in Richmond.

Citation: Harper's Weekly. AP2 .H32. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.