Fragments of pottery, porcelain, pewter, a wine glass, and other artifacts from enslaved quarters at Mount Vernon
Original Author: Mount Vernon Archaeology
Created: ca. 1990
Medium: Ceramics, glass, and bone

Artifacts from the House for Families Slave Quarter at Mount Vernon

These artifacts were unearthed from the cellar of the House for Families slave quarter at Mount Vernon during excavations that took place in 1984 to 1985 and 1988 to 1990. Clockwise from the wine bottle at center are portions of the following objects: a colonoware bowl, a white salt-glazed stoneware teabowl, a pewter spoon, a bone-handled knife, botanical remains, a Chinese export porcelain plate, a tobacco pipe, faunal remains, a Staffordshire slipware dish with oyster shells, and the base of a wine glass. These items, used by members of the enslaved community, were probably obtained through the formal or informal trade economy that existed or from Washington family members.