Partial List of Casualties at Pickett's Charge
Original Author: Colonel W. R. Aylett
Created: July 12, 1863
Medium: Handwritten manuscript page

Partial List of Casualties at Pickett’s Charge

A page from an official Confederate report gives a partial listing of the dead, wounded, and missing men from the 57th Virginia Infantry Regiment after Pickett's Charge, the July 3, 1863, infantry attack that was the climax of the Battle of Gettysburg. The list of casualties from the 57th Virginia Regiment, part of Armistead's Brigade in General George Pickett's Division, are broken down by companies. The commanding officers for companies F, G, and H (shown here) were among those missing or wounded. This page was part of a report issued from the headquarters of Armistead's Brigade on July 12, 1863, by Colonel W. R. Aylett.