Hookers division engaging at the battle of Williamsburg
Original Author: Alfred R. Waud
Created: May 5, 1862
Medium: Pencil and Chinese white drawing

Hookers division engaging at the battle of Williamsburg

In a crude on-the-scene pencil sketch, Union infantrymen and artillerymen (at lower right) under General Joseph Hooker are depicted during the Battle of Williamsburg on May 5, 1862. The artist Alfred R. Waud, a wartime correspondent for Harper's Weekly, made notes on various parts of the sketch so that a more detailed engraving could later be made for the magazine. Among Waud's notations were descriptions of the weather ("Gloomy day rain falling heavily. all hazy."); the fighting conditions ("Guns deep in mud. Men and horses the same"); the foot soldiers' dress ("soldiers with pants rolled up some with high boots, and some with socks drawn over pants"); the commanding officers' dress ("General and Staff in overcoats and india rubber ponchos"); and the general terrain ("Woods mostly pine trees"). The finished engraving was published in Harper's Weekly on May 24, 1862.