The Christian Banner.
Original Author: J. W. Hunnicutt, publisher
Created: June 11, 1862
Medium: Newspaper front page

The Christian Banner.

Featured here is the front page of the June 11, 1862, edition of the Christian Banner, a weekly newspaper In Fredericksburg established by James W. Hunnicutt. The paper began publication in 1848 but ceased operations on May 9, 1861, in the midst of the secession crisis, with Hunnicutt bowing to public pressure over his pro-Union views. He resumed publication on May 9, 1862, after the Union army entered Fredericksburg. When the troops withdrew from the city at the end of August 1862, Hunnicutt fled the city.

Citation: The Christian Banner. Newspaper Virginia Fredericksburg. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.