Democratic Ratification Meeting
Original Author: Parker Democratic Club
Created: 1904
Medium: Broadside

Democratic Ratification Meeting

A broadside announces a political gathering on the evening of July 14, 1904, at the Opera House building in an unspecified city (probably Staunton). Local Staunton politicans Armistead C. Gordon, A. Caperton Braxton, and Edward Echols were slated to speak in favor of the newly chosen Democratic candidate for President, Alton B. Parker of New York, and his running mate, Henry G. Davis of West Virginia. The conservative candidates had been chosen at the Democratic National Convention in Saint Louis, Missouri, that took place from July 6 to 9. The poster, created by the Parker Democratic Club, recommends Parker and Davis to "all who oppose the elevation of those committed to autocratic government and oppressive measures in our southland; [and] all those who believe in a Jeffersonian, sturdy and conservative democratic government …"  The Democratic candidates were easily defeated in the general election by Republicans Theodore Roosevelt and his running mate, Charles W. Fairbanks, who won every section of the country except the south.

Citation: Democratic Ratification Meeting: Prominent speakers will address the meeting, among them Hon. A. C. Gordon, Hon. A. C. Braxton, Hon. Edward Echols, and others.: Meeting to be held at the Corporation Court Room in the Opera House building, Thursday, July 14, 1904 … Broadside 1904 .D45. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.