Excerpt from a Letter Justifying Expenses (September 1561)
Credit: Camilla Townsend
Original Author: Unknown
Created: September 1561
Medium: Letter

Excerpt from a Letter Justifying Expenses (September 1561)

In this page from a letter in the archives in Seville, Spain, expenses are justified for a trip by Antonio Velázquez, captain of the Santa Catalina, who on a trip to America picked up, or possibly kidnapped, two Virginia Indians. Velázquez sought additional expenses for clothing and travel for the Indians. This particular page is important because it contains a notation of one of the Indians' names: Paquiquineo. (The scholar Camilla Townsend has highlighted it in yellow.)

Citation: Archivo General de Indias, Contaduria 286, no. 1, Datas, September 1561, f. 171. Photocopy by, with markings by, and courtesy of Camilla Townsend.