Something Doing at Washington
Original Author: Udo J. Keppler
Created: July 16, 1913
Medium: Color photomechanical print

Something Doing at Washington

A political cartoon in Puck magazine, published on July 16, 1913, depicts President Woodrow Wilson as an obstetrician. Exiting the sixty-third Congress, Wilson tells an anxious Uncle Sam, "Prepare yourself for a great joy. I think it's going to be twins." There are two baby cribs—one labeled as "currency reform," the other "tariff reform." A burly, shirt-sleeved Oscar Underwood, the Alabama congressman who sponsored the tariff bill, carries one of the cribs. Early in his first administration, Wilson pushed through an agenda that reformed the nation's monetary system and reduced tariff rates.

Puck was a humor magazine based in New York City.

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