Miniature Portrait of Sir William Gooch's Son
Original Author: Studio of Christian Friedrich Zincke
Created: ca. 1742–1746
Medium: Enamel on copper miniature

Miniature Portrait of Sir William Gooch’s Son

William "Billy" Gooch, the only child born to Sir William Gooch and his wife, Rebeccca Staunton Gooch, is the subject of this enamel-on-copper miniature portrait. The young man died of the bloody flux (dysentery) on October 17, 1742, at the age of twenty-six, leaving behind a wife who was six months' pregnant. (Both his wife and infant son died within the year.) Sir William Gooch wrote of his son, "As a Christian, he was Pious, Just and Charitable: as a Gentleman, good-natured, sober and of good manners, and besides, a great Proficient in the Mathematicks, for which he had a surprising Genius, understood all the polite accomplishments, such as Dancing, Riding and Fencing, making by his Height, near Six Foot, shape and air, a very genteel appearance in any of those Exercises."