Virginia.—The Readjuster State Convention at Richmond
Original Author: Walter Goater, artist
Created: June 25, 1881
Medium: Engraving

Virginia.—The Readjuster State Convention at Richmond

In an engraving published in the June 25, 1881, edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, John E. Massey, standing at center, addresses the delegates at the Readjuster state convention in Richmond on June 3, 1881. Massey had been in contention for the party's nomination for governor but couldn't command the necessary votes. Conceding defeat, he placed William E. Cameron's name before the floor and called for a unanimous vote. As depicted here, many of the delegates, among them both white and black men, stood in approval waving top hats and handkerchiefs. Cameron won the party's nomination and the subsequent general election for governor.