Vote For the Convention
Original Author: Collins Denny Jr.
Created: 1955
Medium: Brochure cover

Vote For the Convention

In a 1955 brochure, Richmond attorney Collins Denny Jr. urges citizens "to save educational opportunities for the children of the Commonwealth" by voting to amend section 141 of the state constitution. The brochure was produced by the Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties, "an organization dedicated to preserving segregation in the schools of Virginia by every legal and honorable means." The Defenders led a successful drive to amend the constitution so that public funds could fund tuition vouchers for private schools. Redirecting public funds to private, segregated schools helped prevent integration—part of a strategy known as Massive Resistance.

Citation: Vote For the Convention, KFV2792.2 .Z9 D46 1955, Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

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