Coalition Rule in Danville
Original Author: The undersigned merchants, manufacturers, and mechanics of Danville
Created: October 1883
Medium: Broadside

Coalition Rule in Danville

This detail from a broadside petition published in October 1883 protests the "injustice and humiliation" that white people are having to endure in Danville under the political rule of the biracial Readjuster Party. Titled "Coalition Rule in Danville," this document, signed by a group of "merchants and manufacturers and mechanics," is also known as the Danville Circular. Complaints registered in the broadside include white people having to pay for the education of African American children, the hiring of "four negroes—something before that time unknown to the history of the town" as policemen, and permitting blacks to rent stalls in the marketplace. ("The market once occupied in all its stalls by polite white gentlemen, with their clean, white aprons, and the most inticing meats and vegetables upon their boards, is now the scene of filth, stench, crowds of loitering and idle negroes, drunkenness, obscene language, and pettit thieves.") The signees urged their fellow citizens to vote for Conservative Democratic political candidates "for unless they are elected we are doomed."

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