Hear Ye Him.
Original Author: Edmund R. Cocke
Created: August 21, 1893
Medium: Broadside

Hear Ye Him.

In this broadside, dated August 21, 1893, Edmund R. Cocke, the Virginia gubernatorial candidate running on the People's Party ticket, states his views championing free silver and opposing political fraud. Cocke claimed that currency backed solely by gold "means for us and for our children a slavery more galling than was ever dreamed of under chattel slavery." He also denounced the "dark spots" of fraud in the state, which, if unchecked "will grow and grow until civilization itself goes down into the blackness of darkness."

Citation: Hear Ye Him.: To the People of Virginia: Having been placed before you as a candidate for the high and honorable position of Governor of Virginia, I ask you to consider what I shall now say to you … Broadside 1893 .C63. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.