Earnest Sevier Cox Scientist and Explorer
Original Author: Earnest Sevier Cox
Created: 1930
Medium: Promotional brochure

Earnest Sevier Cox Scientist and Explorer

Earnest Sevier Cox, a dedicated white supremacist, poses in a rugged outfit and bears a rifle in this portrait that defines him as a "Scientist and Explorer." Cox traveled around Africa from 1910 to 1913 to study the conditions of black Africans and the racial policies of the colonial powers. This photograph may have been taken in the African outback, but it is also possible that it was made later in a photo studio—there are clear signs that the image has been altered. This is the final page in a promotional brochure titled Earnest Sevier Cox, Specialist in the World-Wide Color-Problem (1930). Cox lectured and wrote widely about his travels and racial theories, and in 1922 he cofounded the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America, an organization devoted to the strict separation of the races.

Citation: Earnest Sevier Cox, Specialist on the World-Wide Color-Problem, Broadside 1930 .E27, Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

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