Printed page advertising Earnest Sevier Cox's lectures on the "Negro Problem"
Original Author: Earnest Sevier Cox
Created: 1930
Medium: Promotional brochure

Statement by Earnest Sevier Cox

A self-published brochure titled Earnest Sevier Cox, Specialist on the World-Wide Color-Problem (1930) includes this statement by the author, a white supremacist who advocated for the strict separation of the races. Touting his own "intelligence and courage," Cox claims that he spent six years of travel "into savage lands and earth's unhealthiest regions" to make himself, in his words, "the foremost authority on Color-Problems" The brochure promotes his public lectures on the subject, which are "splendidly illustrated and deal with adventures with man and beast in Savage Lands, the customs and characteristics of Colored Races, the remains of Civilizations of the White Man that have perished in contact with the Colored."

Citation: Specialist on the World-Wide Color-Problem, Broadside 1930 .E27. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA