Pavilion No. VII W. Doric Palladio.
Original Author: Thomas Jefferson
Created: Probably July 1817
Medium: Architectural drawing

Pavilion No. VII W. Doric Palladio.

Architectural drawings by Thomas Jefferson depict the front elevation and floor plans for Pavilion VII on the west side of the Lawn, the central grassy area on the grounds of the University of Virginia. The front elevation at upper left shows the side of the building that faced the Lawn; the plan for the first floor is beneath it. At upper right is the second floor plan, and at bottom right is the floor plan for the basement. 

Jefferson designed the university as an Academical Village, and the plan included ten pavilions where professors would reside and teach. The overall conception was heavily influenced by the sixteenth-century Italian architect Andrea Palladio, who relied on classical Greek and Roman models. Pavilion VII incorporated Doricportico tops in its design.

Citation: Thomas Jefferson Architectural Drawings for the University of Virginia, circa 1816–1819, Accession #171, Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.