Governor Effingham's 1687 Proclamation
Original Author: Governor Francis Howard of Effingham
Created: November 1687
Medium: Handwritten proclamation
Publisher: Library of Virginia

Governor Effingham’s 1687 Proclamation

A proclamation issued by Governor Francis Howard, baron Howard of Effingham, on November 5, 1687, warns Virginia planters to be more vigilant about their slaves and to keep them from "Walking and Rambling on broad on Satterdayes and Sundayes." He asked this in order that they be denied the opportunity to meet and possibly plot insurrection. The governor also warned the plantation masters not to allow their slaves access to "any Staffe, Clubb. Gunn, Sword, or other weapon." This proclamation came in the wake of the alleged conspiracy known as the Westmoreland slave plot that had been uncovered earlier that year.