For the Constitutional Convention.
Original Author: A. Caperton Braxton and the citizens of Augusta County and the city of Staunton
Created: March 1901
Medium: Broadside
Publisher: Staunton, VA: A. C. Braxton

For the Constitutional Convention.

In this broadside printed in March 1901, nearly 1,000 citizens of Augusta County and the city of Staunton petition A. Caperton Braxton to run as their local delegate for the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1901–1902. Braxton's official response is at the bottom of the page, printed under the title "A. C. Braxton Accepts the Call." In his accompanying statement Braxton writes, "The work of the convention is permanent, and vital to the welfare of the state … I believe the elective franchise should be restricted so as to exclude the ignorant and corrupt element …"  Braxton won election as a delegate, and the subsequent constitutional convention successfully disfranchised African American voters and poor and uneducated whites.