Telegram of Jackson's Victory at Port Republic
Original Author: Thomas J. Jackson
Created: June 10, 1862
Medium: Telegram
Publisher: The Museum of the Confederacy

Telegram of Jackson’s Victory at Port Republic

In this telegram message, Confederate general Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson informs the adjutant general in Richmond of his victory at Port Republic during the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. Jackson attributes his success to "gods blessing" and notes that his men captured six Union artillery pieces. Although Jackson won the battle on June 9, 1862, the message took several days to arrive, as it had to be transmitted through Staunton and then on to Richmond.

The perceived brilliance of Jackson's accomplishments in the Valley—particularly the twin victories of Cross Keys and Port Republic—lifted him to the status of a national idol. After a spring of setbacks, the South was starved for such victories, and Jackson had gained for the Confederacy something more precious than merely a morale boost; he provided time to improve on the defenses of Richmond, and with that came a new lease on life for the Confederacy.