Super Horse: Secretariat
Original Author: TimeLife
Created: June 11, 1973
Medium: Magazine cover

Super Horse: Secretariat

Secretariat's win of the 1973 Triple Crown, capped off by his thirty-one-length victory at the Belmont Stakes, captured the imagination of Americans still focused on the ongoing war in Vietnam. He appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Time; in Newsweek, sports columnist Pete Axthelm wrote that "Secretariat generates a crackling tension wherever he goes … [His] muscular build identifies him immediately, his glowing reddish coat is a banner of health and rippling power. Magnificent enough at rest … when he accelerates … he produces a breathtaking explosion that leaves novices and hardened horsemen alike convinced that, for one of those moments that seldom occur in any sport, they have witnessed genuine greatness."

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