Drawing Satirizing James II
Original Author: Remeyn de Hooghe
Created: ca. 1689
Medium: Etching with letterpress

Drawing Satirizing James II

An etching satirizes James II, the Catholic king of England, Ireland, and (as James VII) Scotland, who was deposed and fled to France in 1688–1689. The image depicts James's cousin Louis XIV of France, shown with a peg leg, riding astride a bear as he leads the royal family away from England. A Catholic priest drives the dog-drawn wagon that carries James II, clutching a string of roasary beads; his Italian queen, Mary of Modena; and their infant son, James Stuart. The dog defecates on the royal crown, which is partially obscured by the wagon wheel. Dutch artist and caricaturist Remeyn de Hooghe created this image around 1689.