The Portraictuer of Captayne John Smith
Original Author: Simon van de Passe, artist; Robert Clerke, engraver
Created: 1624 edition; first published 1616
Medium: Engraving

The Portraictuer of Captayne John Smith, Admirall of New England

This engraved portrait of Captain John Smith, identified here as "Admirall of New England," is a detail from a map of New England that is included in Smith's book The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles (1624). The same map and portrait appear in an earlier work by Smith, A Description of New England (1616). The caption beneath extols Smith's "Faire-Discoveries and Fowle-Overthrowes Of Salvages, much Civilliz'd by thee." By using the term "Salvages" to refer to Virginia Indians and stating that Smith has "Civilliz'd" them, the text intentionally portrays Virginia Indians as less than human.