Marriage of Pocahontas & Rolfe Puzzle
Original Author: S. L. Hill, manufacturer
Created: ca. 1868
Medium: Wooden puzzle
Publisher: Virginia Historical Society

Marriage of Pocahontas & Rolfe Puzzle

A nineteenth-century child's jigsaw puzzle creates an image of the marriage of Virginia Indigenous woman Pocahontas and English colonist John Rolfe, an event officiated by Anglican minister Richard Bucke in Jamestown in 1614. The twenty-piece puzzle made of wooden blocks and covered in colored paper attests to the mythic—if not always factually accurate—story of Pocahontas in Virginia history. In the puzzle, the bride bears no Indigenous features but looks instead like a demure young white woman. (The image was based on an earlier popular engraving that had been published internationally.) Toys like this one helped impress the legend of Pocahontas on young children.