Culpeper County Seat
Original Author: Timothy H. O'Sullivan
Created: 1862
Medium: Wet collodion glass-plate negative; one half of stereograph
Publisher: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division

Culpeper County Seat

Horses, wagons, and few Union soldiers (seen in a blur due to the camera's long exposure time) line the center of Culpeper Court House, the county seat, in mid-August 1862. The county courthouse—the building with the brick portico and wooden tower topped by a weather vane—stands in the mid-distance. Confederate prisoners taken during the Battle of Cedar Mountain, which had been fought nearby on August 9, 1862, were being held on the second floor of the courthouse when this photograph was taken. This is one of a series of glass-plate images made by famed Civil War photographer Timothy H. O'Sullivan.