Divine Service
Original Author: William Waud
Created: July 3, 1864
Medium: Chinese white & black ink wash drawing on tan paper
Publisher: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division

Divine Service

Episcopal minister Edgar T. Chapman, a chaplain for the 169th New York Infantry Regiment, performs an open-air religious service on July 3, 1864, at Union general William F. Smith's headquarters near Petersburg. Harper's Weekly illustrator William Waud drew a picture of this "divine service," noting four generals who were in attendance (generals Hiram Burnham, Thomas Hewson Neil[l], Smith, and John Henry Martindale) with arrow indicators. On the verso, the artist wrote that the service had been arranged by Dr. Luckley, medical director of the Eighteenth Army Corps. An engraved version of this drawing was published in the July 23, 1864, edition of Harper's Weekly.