Map of the Seaboard Air Line
Original Author: Seaboard Air Line System
Created: 1895 copyright
Medium: Printed map
Publisher: Library of Congress Geography and Map Division

Map of the Seaboard Air Line

This promotional map produced by the Seaboard Air Line System advertises the extensive transportation network offered by the corporation in 1896. Seaboard's railroad tracks ran from Virginia to Georgia, but connected with other lines that went all the way to the Pacific coast. In addition, steamship connections led to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, New England, and even Europe. The advertisement promised a comfortable trip between Portsmouth and Atlanta featuring "Irreproachable Equipment and Service" with a "Solid train of Pullman Sleepers and Day Coaches." The promotional copy also touted the agricultural bounty of the piedmont region of the southeast, as well as its real estate potential, with "Thousands of Acres for Home Seekers at Nominal Prices."