Oliver Cromwell
Original Author: Sir Peter Lely, after work by Samuel Cooper
Created: Probably 1653–1658
Medium: Oil on canvas
Publisher: The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan statesman who led the Parliamentarian forces to victory in the English Civil Wars (1642–1648), wears armor in this portrait that was probably painted between 1653 and 1658, when he served as England's head of state. The yellow inscription beneath his likenes includes his name followed by the abbreviation "Ptor," signifying his title, Lord Protector of England.

This painting by Sir Peter Lely was based on an earlier miniature made from life by artist Samuel Cooper. The Lely portrait was first owned by Sir John Danvers who, along with Cromwell and others, had signed the warrant for the execution of Charles I.