Richard B. Garnett's Sword
Original Author: Unknown
Created: Nineteenth century
Medium: Sword
Publisher: The American Civil War Museum

Richard B. Garnett’s Sword

A close-up of the intricate engraving on brigadier general Richard B. Garnett's sword reveals that the Confederate officer continued to use a sword that dated back to his days in the federal army. Garnett carried this sword during the doomed assault known as Pickett's Charge and died in the midst of the fighting. Lost for many years after the war, Garnett's sword was discovered in a Baltimore, Maryland pawnshop and purchased by former Confederate general George "Maryland" Steuart. The sword eventually passed to a Garnett relative who, in turn, donated the sword in 1919 to the Confederate Museum (now known as the American Civil War Museum) in Richmond, Virginia, where it currently remains.