Flag of the Rockbridge Rifles
Original Author: W. H. Horstmann & Sons of Philadelphia
Created: ca. 1860
Medium: Silk flag with oil-painted seal
Publisher: The Museum of the Confederacy

Flag of the Rockbridge Rifles

A flag carried by the Rockbridge Rifles, a volunteer militia formed in Lexington in November 1859, features the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which depicts the Roman goddess of virtue standing with her foot atop a figure representing tyranny. Commissioned by the women of Lexington, the silk flag with its oil-painted seal was manufactured in Philadelphia. The women presented this flag to the local unit six months after it had been formed. During the Civil War the Rockbridge Rifles became Company K of the 4th Virginia Infantry, and later Company H of the 27th Virginia Infantry. Regiment members carried this flag during the war, including at the First Battle of Manassas, and also while taking part in Robert E. Lee's funeral procession in October 1870. More than twenty years later the flag was carried during ceremonies connected with the unveiling of a bronze statue of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson in Lexington. An account of the event by the Rockbridge County News described the flag as being "scarred and faded, but it is a beautiful piece of handiwork, and evidently the work of some fair daughters of the Confederacy."