Thomas Culpeper
Original Author: William Ludwell Sheppard copy of painting by C. Liddell/Andr. Hennemorn
Created: 1901
Medium: Oil on canvas
Publisher: Library of Virginia

Thomas Culpeper

Thomas Culpeper, second baron Culpeper of Thoresway, governor of Virginia from 1677 to 1683, and a proprietor of the Northern Neck is shown in this oil portrait made in 1901 by Richmond-born artist William Ludwell Sheppard. This was a copy of an 1852 painting by C. Liddell, which, in turn, was a replica of the 1664 original at Leeds Castle credited to Andr. Hennemorn. Sheppard studied art in New York, Paris, and London. A Civil War veteran of the 2nd Company, Richmond Howitzers artillery, Sheppard was best known for his postwar art devoted to the "Lost Cause" view of the conflict.