Bohun's Appointment as Physician General
Original Author: Virginia Company of London (reproduction by Susan M. Kingsbury)
Created: December 13, 1620 (reproduced in the twentieth century)
Medium: Printed page
Publisher: Library of Virginia

Bohun’s Appointment as Physician General

Lawrence Bohun (spelled "Bohune" in this document) is appointed "Phisition general" of the Virginia colony on December 13, 1620, in the Jamestown Records of the Virginia Company of London. Bohun's position carried with it an allotment of five hundred acres and twenty tenants to work it "att the Companies charge."

Twentieth-century transcriptions of the original seventeenth-century records were made by Susan M. Kingsbury, a professor of economic history trained at Columbia University who was hired by the Library of Congress to transcribe and edit the four-volume Records of the Virginia Company of London, 1606–1626, published over the course of thirty years (1906–1935). The original Virginia Company records belonging to the Library of Congress were found in two bound volumes and two hundred loose leaves, all of which had been part of Thomas Jefferson's personal library. These manuscripts are the Library of Congress's earliest documents concerning English settlements in the New World. Kingsbury's transcriptions include not only the Library of Congress manuscripts, but also papers from public and private collections in England that relate to the settlement at Jamestown.