A single page with reproductions of original documents and accompanying text blocks describing the sellling off of Nottoway reservation lands and a succesful lawsuit by the tribe against a former trustee who had mismanaged tribal funds
Original Author: Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginina
Created: Twenty-first century
Medium: Digital placard

Nottoway Reservation Land Sales

This page created by the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia features reproductions of original documents from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The accompanying text outlines how sections of the Nottoway's reservation lands were gradually sold off between 1735 and 1878. The right-hand side of the page presents images of a legal complaint against Jeremiah Cobb, a former trustee of the Nottoway who mismanaged tribal funds during the sale of reservation lands in Southampton County. This is the one of only a few documented instances in which a Virginia Indian tribe successfully brought a lawsuit under treaty/reservation rights during the nineteenth century.