The Sun Carriers Address: January 1
Original Author: Howland, engraver; Oliver & Brother, printers
Medium: Engraved broadside

The Sun Carriers Address: January 1, 1856.

The illustrated masthead of a January 1, 1856, broadside depicts horrific events that took place around the world in the previous year: at right, Elisha Kane's failed attempt to find the members of Sir John Franklin's expedition lost in the Arctic; in the distance at left, a bombardment taking place during the Crimean War; at center, a tragic railroad derailment near Burlington, New Jersey, that resulted in twenty-four deaths; and in the center, far distance, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.  At the forefront of all the tragedies, however, is a mourning figure leaning against a tomb commemorating those who died in Norfolk and Portsmouth from the yellow fever epidemic of 1855.