Grand National Whig Banner. "Onward."
Original Author: Nathaniel Currier, lithographer and publisher
Created: ca. 1844
Medium: Lithograph with watercolor

Grand National Whig Banner. Onward.”“””

This colored lithograph depicts the 1844 Whig Party presidential ticket: Henry Clay (left) for president and Theodore M. Frelinghuysen (right) for vice president. An eagle holds an American flag in its beak as it hovers above the two candidates who are framed in laurel. Their campaign slogan, "Justice to Harry of the West," is inscribed above them. The Democratic Party nominees, James K. Polk for president and George M. Dallas for vice president, defeated the Whig candidates in the general election.

This type of lithograph, called an election banner, was a profitable item produced by the popular Currier & Ives printmaking company during political campaigns in the nineteenth century. It featured a double portrait of presidential running mates and was designed to evoke a large banner that might be carried in a political parade. In reality, the lithograph was small enough to hang on an interior wall.