Locust Grove in Kentucky
Medium: Digital photograph

Locust Grove in Kentucky

This brick Georgian mansion is Locust Grove, a historic estate located near Louisville in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Enslaved laborers built the house in or around 1792 for the owners, William and Lucy Clark Croghan, and the estate's farm was tended by roughly thirty to forty-five enslaved people. William Croghan, a former surveying partner of the military leader George Rogers Clark, married Clark's sister Lucy. In his final years, George Rogers Clark lived with his sister at Locust Grove; he died and was buried there in 1818. (His remains were later moved to a cemetery in Louisville.)

Among those who visited Locust Grove are President James Monroe, President Andrew Jackson, and the naturalist John James Audubon. Lucy Clark Croghan's brother William Clark and Meriwether Lewis also stopped at the mansion on the way back from their expedition to the Louisiana Territory. In 1964 the house was opened to the public.

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