Arrival of Confederate Prisoners at Point Lookout
Original Author: John Jacob Omenhausser
Created: June 1864 to June 1865
Medium: Watercolor

Arrival of Confederate Prisoners at Point Lookout

Three Confederate prisoners, one shoeless and the other two barely shod, approach the entrance to the prisoner-of-war camp in Point Lookout, Maryland. In dialogue written below, the two African American Union soldiers guarding the door comment on the "dirty Reb's" and their pathetic footwear. John Jacob Omenhausser, a Confederate prisoner housed at the camp from June 1864 until June 1865, created this watercolor as part of large sketchbook that contained sixty-two paintings documenting prison life. Omenhausser made a handful of sketchbooks with similar drawings. This particular scrapbook is part of the collections at the University of Maryland Libraries.