Negroes Rejoice!
Credit: May 6
Original Author: Students at the College of William and Mary
Created: January 1854
Medium: Magazine illustration and text

“Negroes Rejoice!”,William and Mary Digital Archive,Monday

A caricature of an enslaved man dancing with joy appears under the heading "Negroes Rejoice!" in the January 1854 edition of the Owl, the student humor magazine of the College of William and Mary. Faculty rules forbade students from abusing or striking enslaved people, a rule that the white commentator here takes exception with, writing sarcastically:

Chapter V. Sec. 13th is not abolished, which says 'no Student shall abuse strike or injure negroes. Not even if they are grossly impertinent. Ahem!  (This law savors of Northern manufacture, or perhaps it originated in some classic author: Horace (Greely) for instance.