Circular of the Piedmont Guano
Original Author: Waite, Miller & Co., Culpeper
Created: 1873
Medium: Pamphlet cover

Circular of the Piedmont Guano

This pamphlet specifically promotes the use of Piedmont Guano—a fertilizer made from the excrement of bats and sea birds—in the production of wheat. Manufactured by Waite, Miller & Company in Culpeper, the fertilizer was sold in 167-pound bags at the cost of $55 per ton. The advertising pamphlet, published in Baltimore, included a chemical analysis of the guano by a Baltimore chemist.

Citation: Circular of the Piedmont Guano, Manufactured by Waite, Miller & Co., Culpeper, VA.. F 221 v.545 no.2. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA