The Rebel Yell
Credit: July 12
Original Author: William E. Poulson
Created: 1906
Medium: Printed poem

“The Rebel Yell”,Internet Archive,Thursday

"The Rebel Yell," a poem by William E. Poulson, was published in the October 1906 edition of Confederate Veteran, a monthly magazine published in Nashville, Tennessee, "in the interest of Confederate veterans and kindred topics." A native of Portsmouth, Poulson served in the Confederate ordnance department during the war and then sold insurance in Chicago.

One stanza of his poem describes the sound of the Rebel yell:

That yell was different from all the sounds Ever heard. The throats of maddened hounds, Of starved hyenas, and angry beasts In deadly fight over bloody feasts, Or wails of souls in purgatory. Lost to heaven and all its glory, Ne'er cast over man such awful spells Of terror as did those Rebel Yells.