Leeward Islands
Original Author: Nicholas Pocock
Created: ca. 1776
Medium: Ink and watercolor
Publisher: The Mariners' Museum

Leeward Islands

A British flag flies on the coast of Nevis, while a pair of Englishmen lean against barrels probably filled with sugar, the primary export from the island in the eighteenth century. This watercolor is from a log book chronicling a journey from Bristol, England, to the Leeward Islands that began on April 24, 1776. Nevis and the neighboring islands of Saint Christopher's (also known as Saint Kitts) and Saint Eustatius, which can be seen in the distance, are all part of the chain of islands in the West Indies known as the Leeward Islands. (The name derives from the fact that the islands are downwind, or leeward, of the Windward Island chain, which is to the south and more exposed to the prevailing trade winds.) Part of "His Majesty's Leeward Caribbee Islands," Nevis and Saint Christopher's were extremely profitable colonial outposts that were dependant on slave labor for their sugar economy.

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