Hiring Out an Enslaved Woman
Original Author: R. C. Hawkins and John F. Hawkins
Created: January 2, 1857
Medium: Legal document

Hiring Out an Enslaved Woman

In accordance with this agreement signed on January 2, 1857, Malinda, a woman enslaved by James Metcalf of Bedford County, was hired out to R. C. and John F. Hawkins for the year. Metcalf was to receive $30 for the unspecified work that Malinda would provide. Conditions of the bond were as follows: Malinda would not be hired out to a third party or taken out of Bedford County, she would not be employed in "Public Works," she would be treated humanely and supplied with a "Cotton Oznaburg frock for the summer" (osnaburg was a cheap durable fabric), she would be returned to Metcalf on Christmas Day 1857, "clothed in a new frock of good Linsey" (a coarse fabric of linen and wool), and bearing two cotton shifts, a pair of stockings, double-soled shoes, a cotton handkerchief, and a large new blanket.

Citation: Walker Family Papers, 1753–1873, Accession #1532, 1545. Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, VA