I Feed You All!
Original Author: American Oleograph Co., Milwaukee, lithographer
Created: 1875
Medium: Lithograph

I Feed You All!

An 1875 lithograph, doubtless inspired by the Grange (or Patrons of Husbandry) movement that represented agricultural interests, depicts a prosperous farmer at the center of American life. The farmer leans against his plow, his produce at his feet, with the tag line, "I Feed You All!" Varying scenes depicting different professions surround the central vignette. Clockwise from the upper left are a lawyer ("I Plead for All"), a seated President Ulysses S. Grant ("I Rule for All"), a military officer leading a charge ("I Fight for All"), a clergyman at his pulpit ("I Preach for All"), a ship owner looking at his ship ("I Sail for All"), a shopkeeper selling merchandise ("I Buy & Sell for All"), a doctor or pharmacist measuring drugs ("I Physic You All"), a broker or banker with piles of money ("I Fleece You All"), a trader overseeing the market in crops ("I Bull & Bear for All"), and a railroad owner surveying his map of routes ("I Carry for All").