General Richard S. Ewell
Original Author: Unknown; "from a photograph by Cook",1886 1227,Jackson's Valley Campaign: Kernstown to McDowell,Hal Jespersen,Wednesday
Created: June 20
Medium: Engraving
Publisher: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division

General Richard S. Ewell

Confederate lieutenant general Richard S. Ewell became Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's most trusted subordinate in the first two years of the American Civil War (1861–1865). This engraving, printed in Century magazine twenty years after the end of the war, includes the caption "General Ewell, of Jackson's Corps, was severely wounded in the conflict with King's division on August 28." The caption refers to Ewell's wound during the Second Manassas Campaign late in the summer of 1862. His right leg was amputated and he spent months away from duty and under the care of his first cousin, Lizinka Campbell Brown, whom he later married. His injury did little to diminish his standing in the Army of Northern Virginia, though, and when the Second Corps was reorganized after Jackson's death on May10, 1863, Lee placed Ewell in command.

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