Deed of Trust
Created: April 13, 1774
Medium: Manuscript page

Deed of Trust

This deed of trust signed on April 13, 1774, by Clementina Rind, a public printer for Virginia and publisher of the Virginia Gazette in Williamsburg, acknowledges a loan that she received from John Blair, the mayor of Williamsburg, and three other men. The loan was secured with her printing equipment—"all the printing Types Materials paper & other things in my printing office and used in the printing Business"—as well as a long list of household goods, including beds, linens, furniture, mirrors, china, kettles, and even "three pickle Jars."

Rind's husband, the printer William Rind, died in debt on August 19, 1773. Not long after, the contents of the Rinds' home and printing business were put up for sale. Clementina Rind purchased back the items with money she borrowed. Full payment was due in April 1774, and Rind then negotiated this deed of trust to cover her previous debt.