Confederate prisoners
Original Author: Edwin Forbes
Created: 1862
Medium: Pencil
Publisher: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division

Confederate prisoners

Four Confederate cavalrymen, three from the 3rd Virginia Cavalry and one from General Turner Ashby's regiment, appear downcast after being captured at Woodstock, Virginia, in 1862, in the wake of the Battle of Kernstown. Their eclectic clothing is a far cry from the dashing Cavalier image cultivated by Ashby and General J. E. B. Stuart. Confederate soldiers often lacked proper uniforms due to problems within the Confederate quartermaster's bureau. These troopers also had to supply their own horses.

This pencil drawing was made by Edwin Forbes, a special correspondent for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper who was an eyewitness to Shenandoah Valley events in 1862. Forbes accompanied Union troops during the campaign, including a week spent with the cavalry where he narrowly avoided capture by the Confederates.