Lynching Victims in Clifton Forge
Credit: Anonymous collection
Original Author: S. S. Griffith & Co., CliftonForge
Created: ca. 1891
Medium: Cabinet card

Lynching Victims in Clifton Forge

This photograph is a composite of four images taken before and after a lynching in Clifton Forge, Virginia, on October 17, 1891. At top, left to right, are Charles Miller, John Scott, and Robert Burton, three Black miners who had their photographs taken at a studio on the morning of their murders. At bottom is a grisly photograph of the three men hanging in a tree the next day. The images are captioned "11 a.m"—indicating when the portraits of the men were made on October 17— and "11 p.m."—the time when the men were lynched. This cabinet card composite was probably sold as a souvenir of the event.